The American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying wishes to thank the gracious donors who supported the National Clinicians Conference on Medical Aid in Dying. Those conference donations, plus registration fees, exceeded the cost of the conference. The remaining funds provided the startup costs of the Academy. We greatly appreciate continued donations to support the expanding efforts of the Academy. Thank you in advance for your tax-deductible donations, at this link.

Donations to the American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying:

Kerstin Doell, in honor of Shirley, Ruth, and Richard Doell: $8,000

Keith Seckel, RN: $50

Robin Plumer, MD. Compassionate Endings, NJ. $200 “As a thank you to encourage others.”

Kerstin Doell: $500 In memory of her sister, Shirley Doell

Barbara Morris, MD: $650 “Thank you for your advocacy, expertise, and support.”

From a supportive family, anonymously: $1,000

Anonymous donor: $100

Stuart Youngner, MD: $1,500

From the loving husband of a patient, $1,000

Faye Girsh, Hemlock Society of San Diego, $650

Anonymous donor via Trust. Colorado: $18,700

Derek Humphry, ERGO: $2,000

Bill Friedman, In memory of Elinor Friedman, $250

Eugene and Diane Stein: In memory of Ida Cooper, $100

Anonymous Colorado Donor: $500

Joyce Gunn, in Memory of Richard W. Conn. $50

Shirley Sapena, MSW. $25. “Thank you for your continued commitment to offering this support.”

Bob and Fietje Ralston. $500

Kari Alice Lynn: $100

Alan Lippman, MD. New Jersey: $50

From a grateful patient, anonymously: $1,000

Catherine Forest, MD: $100

Tonia Hsieh: $100 “Your work is critical. We must shift to respect and honor individual’s right to choose — how to live and how to die.”

Nancy Williford, LCSW: $100. “In appreciation of the Academy’s Continuing Education System

Kris Kington-Barker, End-of-Life Doula and volunteer for Hospice of San Luis Obispo County: $100

Glendon Geikie, MSW: $50

Anonymous from a pharmacist: $250

Mary Ganapol, Arizona End of Life Options. In memory of Michael ‘Fletch’ Fletcher: $100

Jessica Kaan, MD, Oregon and Washington: $550

Holly Strelzik, End-of-Life Doula, New Jersey: $250

Susan Powell, MD, “In memory of my father, Sheldon Lisker, MD”: $250

Johanna Koch, MD, Family Medicine and Palliative Care: $800

Edward Lorah, LICSW. Edmonds, Washington. $100. “Thank you for making the continuing education available. Great info!”

Kristine Sachara, MSN, RN, End of Life Doula. Oregon. $250

Anonymous from the sister-in-law of a patient: $500

Anonymous donation from a grateful patient: $5,000

Nancy Abell, MSW. End of Life Choices New Mexico: $100

Frederica Frost, Massachusetts: $25

Catherine Wallace, Florida: $500, “As a thank you to encourage others.”

Frances Lo. In memory of Wendy Yan. $500

Daniel Heagerty, California: $250

Bobbie Steinhart, California, $100, “In memory of Larry Steinhart.”

Susan Moss, California, $1,000, in memory of her husband, Robert W. Moss

William Southworth, MD. Oregon. $100

Julie Hertl, MSW, Washington. $50 “In honor of everyone who made this possible.”

Adrienne Dare. $50. “In memory of my mother, Louise Hall, who used Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act in 2002”

Rita Trumbo. California. $50

Jeanne Kerwin, DMH, HEC-C, consultant in bioethics and palliative care. $50. “In memory of my parents, Adele and Leslie Ruppert”

Deborah North, MD. Washington. $100

Lindsay Boothby, MD. California. $500

Heather Wahanik, RN. California. $100

Lynn Loar, LCSW. California. $100

Charles Miller, MD. Hawaii. $500

Eddie Lau, Pharm. D. California. $500

Phyllis Bergman, New Mexico. $100 “In memory of Vicki Bergman Marks”

Karen Morin, RN, OCN, California, L.A. Patient Advocates. $500

Compassionate Endings, New Jersey. $100

Martha Turner, California. In Honer of Full Circle Living and Dying. $25

Andrew Holland, RN. California. $50

Charles Hamlin, MD. Colorado. $500

Monique Schaulis, MD. $500 “In memory of Dee Standley.”

Kathleen Garrison, California. $500 “In memory of Janet Garrison.”

Barak Wolff, MPH. New Mexico. $350

Thomas Strouse, MD. California. $600

Laura Hughes, MD. Colorado. $100

Karen Murray, End of Life Doula, California, $50 “In memory of Bill Young.”

James Greenberg, MD. California. $50

Nick Gideonse, MD. Oregon. $100

Constance Holden, RN, MSN. Colorado. $500

Laurie Strasburger, P.A., Colorado. $100 “In memory of Cece Yeakel.”

Sally Sample, MD. California. $500

Mark Unverzagt, MD. New Mexico. $100

Janelle Jones, Pharm. D. California. $100

Paul Kaplan, MD. Oregon. $1,500

Susan Robfogel, New York, $150.

Barbara Morris, MD. Colorado. $250 “In memory of Neil Mahoney.”

Nancy Finkle, End of Life Doula, California. $50

Brian Goodyear, Ph. D., Clinical Psychology, Hawaii. $100

Carl DeMars, MD. Maine. $400

Konrad Fondrie, New York, $50 “In memory of Stu Fondrie.”

Diana Barnared, MD, Vermont. $100

Mindy Cooper, MD. Colorado. $500

Mercedes Laurencin, MD. California. $500

Catherine Forest, MD, California. $100

Robert Liner, MD, California. $500

Peter and Bonnie Reagan. Oregon. $500 “In memory of Lillian.”

Deann Del Rio, RN. California. $25

Kim Mooney. Thanatologist. Colorado. $100 “In memory of Marilyn Zurek.”

Nathan Fairman, MD. California. $200

Nehal Patel, MD. California. $100

Robin Plumer, MD. New Jersey. “In memory of Ellen Knapp.” $40

Robert Ley, MD. California. $1,000

Shirley Redwine, Texas. $100

Anonymous Donor via Impact Assets. $2,500

Judith Brillman, MD. New Mexico. $1,000

San Francisco Marin Medical Society $2,500

Pan Haskins. California. $500

Tamara Goodman, MD. New Mexico. $1,000. “In honor of Clarence Giese, artist and hospice volunteer.”

Dr. Charles Hamlin, Colorado. $5,000

Faith Sommerfield, Connecticut. $1,000

Drs. Jeffrey Levine and Lesley MacArthur, Family Trust Charitable Fund: $12,000

Valerie Lovelace. Maine. $150

Dallas Kassing. California. $50. “In memory of Frances Senecal Kassing.”

Christopher Palmer. Maryland. $100.

Lewis Cohen. Massachusetts. $150

The Completed Life Initiative. $500

Mark Apfel, MD. California. $250

The Southworth Family Trust. Oregon. $500

Jeffrey Block, California, “In memory of Michele Gerus.” $14,000

Melinda Eggleston, Alaska. $500. “In memory of Linda deCurtis Eggleston.”

Peter and Bonnie Reagan. Oregon. $1,000

Helen Cominos, California. $50 “In honor of our parents.”

Glendon Geikie, End of Life Doula. California. $50

Kerstin Doell. Washington. $500

Alfred Sharff, California. “In memory of my wife, Marcia Levine.”

Janet Hager, California. $100 “In memory of David Hager, DVM, MD”

Nancy Keane, California. Undisclosed amount. “In memory of Peter Keane.”

Jeffrey Pollack, California. $100 “In memory of Peter Keane.”

Cricket Halsey, California. $50 “In memory of Peter Keane, with gratitude for his service.”

Richard and Sharonjean Leeds. California. Undisclosed amount. “In loving memory & respect for Peter G. Keane.”

Susan Piotroski, Florida. $100 “In honor of Attorney Peter Keane of San Francisco.”

Ronald Elwood Albers, Colin Alexander. California. $500 “In memory of Peter Keane.”

James and Ann Lazarus, California. $50 “In memory of Peter Keane.”

Lola Gelb. California. $50 “In loving memory of Peter Keane.”

Joseph Najpaver. California. $100. “In loving memory of Peter Keane.”

Donna Russell. California. $100

Bank of America Employee Giving Plan. California. $100

Dr. Richard Stuart, Washington. $1,000

Sara Woolf, MD, California. $50

Mary Ganapol, Arizona. $100 “In memory of Steve and Diane Uhl.”

Vladimir Boshernitsan. California. $100

Chester Allen. California. $100

Freda Wang. California. $100

Anonymous donor. Rhode Island. $1,500

Judith Erickson, California. $50

Gwen Harris, Gerontologist. California. $50

David Steinhorn, MD. California. $50

Judith Setla, MD. New York. $100

Janet Rowe, Oregon. $100. “To Dr. Bill Southworth for the help he has given to End of Life Choices OR, Southern OR team.”

Patricia Fisher, California. $100

Anonymous donation, New Mexico. $100

Koch Wilson Giving Fund. California. $300

Tin Do, MD, California. $500. “In memory of Alison Moxley, from her dear friends.”

Rita Trumbo, End of Life Doula. California. $50

Patrick MacMillan, MD. California. $500

Anonymous donation from a grateful family. California. $5,000

Hemlock Society of San Diego. $200

Joanne Kelly, Colorado. $100. “In memory of my beloved husband, Alan Kelly, who used medical aid in dying to end his suffering from multiple system atrophy in January 2020.”

Barbara Morris, MD. Colorado. $100. “In honor of Caitlin Cassady’s research project.”

Vicki Hart, NP. Colorado. $50.

Ronald Sand, MD. Oregon/California. $50

End of Life Choices New York. $250

Lillian Shao. California. $20

Dr. Tin Do. California $1,000. “To all my wonderful patients.”

Patricia Marsh. California. $50. “Dedicated to Edith Newsome.”

Anonymous donor. California: $500

Patricia Fisher. California. $100

Dr. Richard Bodony. California. $100 “Dedicated to Gloria Riccardi.”

Donna Russel. California. $100

Natasha Marston, MD. California. “To all the faces of gratitude and relief I have witnessed.”

Glendon Geikie, MSW. California. $50

Mindy Cooper, MD. Colorado. $500

Sandra Mackenzie-Cioppa, Nurse Midwife. California. $500

From a patient’s wife, anonymously: $5,000

Deborah North, MD. Washington. $500

Joe Conrad, California. $1,000. “The Academy’s referral allowed our mother to leave the earth on her own terms. The same way that she lived her life.”

Bruce Conrad, California. $1,000. “To the memory of Rhoda Conrad. And to the Academy, for affording her the respect she deserved at the end of her life.”

Susan Robfogel, New York. $150

Marilyn Piazza, California. $100

Terrell VanAken, MD. California. $200

Anonymously, “From an Academy fan.” $3,000

Mary Allyn, Colorado. $200

Lori Goldwyn, End of Life Doula, California. $72. “On behalf of doulas, who have benefitted from the training/mentoring program.”

Anonymous, Colorado. $200. “In loving memory, you are missed.”

Lucinda Merrill. Texas. $50

William and Darlene Southworth. Oregon. $1,000

Bonnie and Peter Reagon Fund. Oregon. $2,000

Anonymous, California, $250. “In honor of Amy Allison Steele.”

Andrea Mosbacher, New York. $100. “With gratitude to Dr. Avinash Patil, for bringing peace to my beloved brother, Andrew John Dow.”

Sandra Mackenzie-Cioppa, Nurse Midwife. Forrest Cioppa, MD. California. $612. “To the Academy, for its pioneering work in medical aid in dying. Thank you!”

David Allan, RN. California. $50.

Alfred Sharff, California. $1,000 “Remembering my beloved wife Marcia Levine Sharff”

Kathleen Lubanski, RN/NP. California. $200

Lori Testa. California. $100

Debbie & Bill Underwood. Oregon. “In memory of our aunt Pat Jenkins, she was much loved and will be greatly missed.”

Johanna Koch, MD. California. $1,700

Kate Amon. California. $100. “In memory of Betty Amon.”

Ed Lorah, LICSW. Washington. $100

Faye Girsh. California. $300. “To Marshall Perron, a courageous politician.”

Nancy Renz. California. $100. “This donation is for my brother Doug whose suffering was shortened by aid in dying.”

David Coker. California. $100. “Dedicated to Doug Hanks, MD.”

Lisa Vigil Schattenger. Ohio. $250. “In memory of Jack Rowe, MD who used Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act and his wife, Janet Rowe who now volunteers for End of Life Choices Oregon.”

Henry and Jessica Townsend, Washington DC. $550

Margurite Mathews, Colorado. $50

Hetty Hirshman, APN. New Jersey. $100. “In honor of my parents Ruth and Nat Howard.”

David Coleman, California. $100. “For Harold E. Coleman, MD, with gratitude.”

Lee Amon, California. $1,500. “In loving memory of our mom, grandma, and great grandma.”

Juliette Williams, RN. California. $100

Valerie Lovelace, Maine Death with Dignity. $100

Anna Theriault, Maine. “Dedicated to our loving brother Gerry.” $1,000

Norman Oder, New York. “Thank you for these important resources.” $250

Faye Girsh, California. $300. “For the Academy’s Good Work!”

Dr. Gaja Andzel, California. $2,250

Anonymously from a grateful patient, $2,000. “Dedicated to the Academy’s compassion.”

Tin Do, MD. California. $1,000

Hanne Lore Huber, California. $100

Joe Freitas, California. $100

Anonymous donation, California, $2,500

Judy Pappas, California. $200. “With gratitude to Dr. Stephanie Marquet for helping our mother choose her path.”

Marshall Perron. Australia. $50

Lori Goldwyn. End-of-Life Doula. California. $100

Kevin Malone, JD. Washington, DC. $500

L James Johnson. California. $50 “Dedicated to author David Colin Carr.”

Mary West. California. “In honor of John West.”

Lonny Shavelson, MD. California. $3,950

Lowrey Brown, Final Exit Network. $150

Nancy Rhine. California. $25. “For Cliff.”

Dr. Richard Bodony. California. $250

Dr. Cory Carroll. Colorado. $250

Laura Hughes, MD. Colorado. $10

Jill Bixby, NP. Maine. $100

Janie Rakow, End-of-Life Doula. New Jersey. $1,000

Anonymous donation, California: $1,500

Joanna Smith, LCSW. California. $100

Anonymous foundation donation. California. $3,500

Lynette Cederquist, MD. California. $100

Molly Graziano. Ohio. $50

Susan Robfogel, JD. New York. $150

Richard Lugg. Australia. $50 “Toward the development of accreditation for aid-in-dying clinicians.”

James Greenberg, MD. California. $100

Noelle Windsor, MD. California. $50 “In honor of and gratitude to Jessica McGuinty, my brave patient who initiated me to this gratifying and beautiful process.”

Terrell VanAken, MD. California. $250

Amanda Stephenson, MD. California. $500

Judith Erickson. California. $25

Maine Death with Dignity: $1,000

Phil and Bev Freedman. Colorado. $1,000

Randi Lowenthal. New Mexico. $200

Marcia Hofer, A Better Exit. California. $100

Skye O’neil, MMS PA-C. Colorado. $100

Johanna Koch, MD. California. $4,700

Eugen Bosch. California. $100

Ed Storm, California. $100

Marjorie Gibson. California. $500

Peter Reagan, MD; Bonnie Reagan, MD. Oregon. $2,000

Anna Dibble, Colorado. $100

Alfred Sharff, California. $1,000, “In memory of Marcia Levine Sharff.”

Lissa Canavan. New Jersey. $100.

Marjorie Perloff, California. “In memory of Dr.Joseph K. Perloff.”

Peg Molina, LCSW, End-of-Life Doula. Oregon. $100

William Amborn. California. $500

Judith Setla, MD. New York. $100. “I dedicate this gift to the good folks behind the Academy and its great website.”

Anonymous Donor, CA: $5,000

Charles E Henning. California. $25

Rosalind Pierce, California. $200

Yolo Hospice. California. $200

Frank Young, California. $1,000

Donations to the
2020 National Clinicians Conference on Medical Aid in Dying
February 14/15, 2020 at U.C. Berkeley

Deborah Gatzek Kratter: $25,000

Anonymous donation from a patient’s family: $25,000

Anonymous donation from a patient’s daughter: $5,000

WISPS Family Trust: $10,000

Susan Gardner, M.D. $500

Jeff Levine and Lesley MacArthur Family Trust Charitable Fund: $5,000

Friends of Dr. Jeffrey Levine: $4,350

In loving memory of Marilyn Hanf Buckley, “Who believed one has the right to choose dignity and quality of life by supporting life-ending options.” $500

Anonymous donation from a patient’s daughter: $100

Victoria Sievers, In Memory of Sue Brown: $2,000

Gina Bonanno: $2,500

Melinda Dart, in loving memory of her father, David Dart: $500

Anonymous donation from a patient’s wife: $1,000

From the family of Catherine DiMiceli, in loving memory of their beloved mother, wife and best friend: $1,000

Shannon McCarthy and William Wiley: $200

Anonymous donation from a patient’s friend: $100

Anonymously from a grateful patient’s family: $1,000

Kathie Campbell in memory of Her Hero, Her Husband, Rick Ingrassia $500

Anonymous donation from a patient’s daughter: $2,000 

Heidi Knoop, in honor of her aunt Dr. Helme Avery: $1,000

Anonymously donation: $100

Anonymous donation: $100

Mary Ganapol, Arizona End of Life Options. $1,000. “To Michael Fletcher, who would have chosen aid in dying if it was legal in Arizona in 2010.”

Donna Russell. California. $100

Maine Death with Dignity. $100