Thank you for your interest in joining our doula and bedside attendant referral system. We look forward to your unique contribution to expanding and improving the care of aid-in-dying patients and their families.

Once you have identified an appropriate aid-in-dying client to work with, one who is considering medical aid in dying, we will be able to provide you with mentoring from an experienced Academy clinician who will support you through the case. Mentors will connect with mentees several times via phone or video call to discuss and review best practices before the death and debrief afterward. A mentor will also be available via phone during the death to provide support.

This mentoring is provided solely to foster a learning environment and is not intended to provide any patient care or monitoring to patients. (Please remember that patient information is protected)

The Academy requires completion of this mentoring process before any referrals can be offered, no matter what level of experience or what credentials you have. The Academy‚Äôs goal, through this process, is to ensure the integrity of our Patient to End-of-Life-Doula and Bedside-Attendant Referral System and to support the attentive care that our patients require. We have found that many of our mentees feel well supported and grow from this fertile opportunity, including very experience doulas. 

After this death, once you and your mentor both feel your competence and confidence are well established, your name and practice information will go into the Academy’s End-of-life-Doula and Bedside-Attendant Referral System, which we will use for patient referrals.

*If you identify an appropriate client, please email us at [email protected] , ASAP with the subject “Client identified, ready for a mentor” so we can connect you promptly.

Again, thank you so much, and stay tuned!