The inauguration of the Journal of Aid-in-Dying Medicine was announced on February 18 at the closing of the 2023 National Clinicians Conference on Medical Aid in Dying.

Above is a mockup of our first cover. We anticipate that the first edition will be published in the Summer/Fall of 2023.

The Journal will be:
* Quarterly
* Online (in an elegant magazine format)
* No paywall, available for all to read and share with others

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Aid-in-Dying Medicine is an independent, peer-reviewed, open access (no paywall) journal — focused on the clinical aspects of aid-in-dying care in the U.S.

Articles published in the Journal cover a wide range — from academically-detailed investigations to editorials and review articles, and from poetry to photography/art. Authors will include clinicians ranging from doctors to doulas, pharmacists to chaplains, nurses to trained end-of-life volunteers. We also accept (and may solicit) illustrations and artwork that may accompany our articles.

While the Journal’s focus is on aid-in-dying care in the U.S., articles that examine aid in dying in other countries that will enlighten U.S. aid-in-dying care are also welcome.

The Journal of Aid-in-Dying Medicine encourages submissions on topics including but not exclusive to:

• Differences in legal and clinical aspects of aid in dying in varying states.
• The role of hospices in aid-in-dying care.
• Prognostic evaluations of patients considering aid in dying.
• Aid in dying practices for patients with neurodegenerative diseases (ALS, others).
• Attending deaths on the aid-in-dying day.
• The pharmacology and physiology of aid in dying.
• Aid-in-dying demographics.
• Aid-in-dying participation by different ethnic and religious groups.
• Ethical dilemmas in clinical aid-in-dying practice.
• Capacity and judgment evaluations of patients considering aid in dying.
• Nursing best practices in aid-in-dying care.
• Bereavement and grief support for families of patients who have died by aid in dying.
• Social challenges in aid-in-dying care.
• The evaluation and care of the GI tract of aid-in-dying patients.
• Risk factors for prolonged aid-in-dying deaths.
• The roles of doulas and volunteers working with patients considering aid in dying.
• Psychological effects of aid-in-dying care on clinicians.
• The role of aid-in-dying clinicians in advocacy/lobbying work.
• Teaching aid-in-dying care to students: Nurse, social worker, medical students, residents and fellows.
• The role of spiritual care for patients considering aid in dying.
• Religion-based health organizations and aid in dying.
• Legal-clinical interfaces around aid in dying.

Regular features of each issue of the Journal include:

• Editorials
• A clinical case history, with analysis of care.
• Book, film, and podcast reviews.
• Reviews of conferences, symposia, and articles in other journals.
• The cover photograph of each quarterly edition will feature a photograph by a clinician in an aid-in-dying state.

Editorial Board

Please see our Guide for Authors for information on article and other submissions.
(NOTE: We are not accepting submissions at this time while we initiate the system, but hope to do so by April 1, 2023.)

If you require further information or help, please contact us at [email protected]