The inauguration of the Journal of Aid-in-Dying Medicine was announced on February 18 at the closing of the 2023 National Clinicians Conference on Medical Aid in Dying.

Above is a mockup of our first cover. We anticipate that the first edition will be published in the Fall of 2023.

The Journal will be:
* Bi-annual
* Online (in an elegant magazine format)
* No paywall, available for all to read and share with others

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Aid-in-Dying Medicine is an independent, peer-reviewed, open-access (no paywall) journal — focused on the clinical aspects of aid-in-dying care in the U.S.

Articles published in the Journal cover a wide range — from academically-detailed investigations to editorials and review articles, and from poetry to photography/art. Authors will include clinicians ranging from doctors to doulas, pharmacists to chaplains, nurses to trained end-of-life volunteers. We also accept (and may solicit) illustrations and artwork that may accompany our articles.

While the Journal’s focus is on aid-in-dying care in the U.S., articles that examine aid in dying in other countries that will enlighten U.S. aid-in-dying care are also welcome.

The Journal of Aid-in-Dying Medicine encourages submissions on topics including but not exclusive to:

• The role of hospices in aid-in-dying care.
• Prognostic evaluations of patients considering aid in dying.
• Aid in dying practices for patients with neurodegenerative diseases (ALS, others).
• Attending deaths on the aid-in-dying day.
• The pharmacology and physiology of aid in dying.
• Aid-in-dying demographics.
• Aid-in-dying participation by different ethnic and religious groups.
• Ethical dilemmas in clinical aid-in-dying practice.
• Capacity and judgment evaluations of patients considering aid in dying.
• Nursing best practices in aid-in-dying care.
• Bereavement and grief support for families of patients who have died by aid in dying.
• Social challenges in aid-in-dying care.
• The evaluation and care of the GI tract of aid-in-dying patients.
• Risk factors for prolonged aid-in-dying deaths.
• The roles of doulas and volunteers working with patients considering aid in dying.
• Psychological effects of aid-in-dying care on clinicians.
• The role of aid-in-dying clinicians in advocacy/lobbying work.
• Teaching aid-in-dying care to students: Nurse, social worker, medical students, residents and fellows.
• The role of spiritual care for patients considering aid in dying.
• Religion-based health organizations and aid in dying.
• Legal-clinical interfaces around aid in dying, including differences in aid in dying states.
• Health systems and aid in dying.
• Equitable care and aid in dying.

Regular features of each issue of the Journal include:

• Editorials
• Clinical case histories, with analysis of care.
• Book, film, and podcast reviews.
• Reviews of conferences, symposia, and articles in other journals.
• The cover photograph or artwork of each quarterly edition will feature visuals by a clinician in an aid-in-dying state.

Editorial Board


Please see our Guide for Authors for information on article and other submissions.

If you require further information or help, please contact us at [email protected]