The Academy Clinicians Hotline — 8 highly experienced aid-in-dying clinicians who rotate call — is available by

*phone (510 298 1135) for urgent questions (immediate answer, to 1- to 2-hour response time), and

*e-mail ([email protected]) for slower-burning questions (24- to 48-hour response time).

We encourage all care providers to contact the Academy with your aid in dying clinically-related questions. No question is too small, or too tall.

NOTE: PATIENTS AND LOVED ONES — DO NOT USE THIS CLINICIANS HOTLINE. Send your questions to [email protected] and/or use the Academy’s Patient to Doctor Referral System. If you are not a clinician with a patient-care question and you contact the Clinicians Hotline, we will redirect you to the above contact links — we cannot answer your phone questions.